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The providers at Hampton Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic have reached the highest level of training attainable in the field of Chiropractic Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy available. They bring with them their many years of experience working with elite, professional, and Olympic level athletes.


The goal of  Chiropractic care is to not only diagnose and treat an injury, but also to understand the underlying cause of the injury and provide the necessary rehabilitation to prevent re-occurrence. Treatments used to help a patient reach their health and wellness goals can include chiropractic manipulative therapy in conjunction with therapeutic modalities, such as soft tissue massage and myofascial therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, super luminous diode and low level laser therapy, kinesiology and other taping techniques, as well as hot and cold packs to promote early injury recovery, in addition to rehabilitative stretching and exercise programs to help correct the underlying dysfunction that led to the onset of the injury. Chiropractic manipulative therapy safely reduces neurologic and muscular stress by restoring optimal joint function and position. Chiropractors have the most extensive knowledge in manipulative therapy of any health care practitioner.

Physical Therapy

The goal of a Physical Therapist is to promote the patient's ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Physical therapy is an essential element of patient care. Therapeutic exercise and functional training are the cornerstones of Physical Therapist treatment. Most people seek out treatment once they have reached a level of pain that interferes with their daily activities. Physical therapy can provide you with pain relief through the use of hands on treatment of soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization, modalities such as electrical stimulation and cryotherapy, education for positional and/or postural relief.


Hampton Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic  commonly treat the following list of sports related and non-sports related injuries.

  • Arm and shoulder pain                

  • Accident Injuries                                    

  • Arm Pain 

  • Arthritis 

  • Arthritic/degenerative joint disease

  • Acute and chronic conditions

  • Balance training

  • Back and neck pain

  • Back Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

  • Chronic Neck Pain 

  • Degenerative Disc Disease 

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Elbow Pain

  • Fall prevention training 


  •  Fibromyalgia

  •  Foot Pain 

  •  Foot and ankle injuries

  •  Hand injuries

  •  Herniated Discs 

  •  Hip Pain 

  •  Knee Pain 

  •  Lumbar Injuries 

  •  Leg and knee pain

  •  Migraines 

  •  Muscle Pain 

  •  Neck Pain 

  •  Osteoarthritis

  •  Orthopedic injuries

  •  Post-surgical conditions

  • Personal and auto injuries

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Pinched Nerves 

  • Rotator Cuff 

  • Ruptured Disc 

  • Sports Injuries 

  • Sciatica 

  • Scoliosis 

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Slipped Discs 

  • Subluxation 

  • Tendonitis 

  • Tennis Elbow

  • TMJ Disorders 

  • Work injuries                 

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Hampton Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic
Phone:   (603) 926-7369
Fax:        (603) 431-4200

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We believe that Healthcare is most effective when it is accessible and affordable. The Providers at Hampton Spine & Sports Injuries Clinic accept most all insurances to ensure our clients have access to the best range of health care coverage that we can provide.


Nondiscrimination statement:

The Lovelace Institute for Spine & Sports Injuries complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability or sex.   - discrimination statement.pdf - 

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